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Bringing home a new pet?

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time for all of the family. A little research and planning will make the transition with your new family member as seamless as possible.

Health checks

When you have your new pet, bring them in to see one of our vets to give them a health check. This can often be done when they are due their first vaccinations.


All puppies and kittens should be vaccinated against some very serious, life threatening diseases. Puppies first vaccine is from 6 weeks old and 9 weeks for kittens, then a second vaccination 3-4 weeks later. Annual boosters will keep your pet safe from these diseases. Some animals will have had some or all of their vaccinations before you pick them up, so ask for their record when you get your new pet. Give us a call to find out when is the best time to bring in your pet. Read more on our vaccination page here


Your pet is susceptible to parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms. Not only are these bad for your pet, they can be dangerous for children (and nobody wants a flea infestation in their home!). Make sure you regularly flea and worm your pet. Our staff are happy to advise you on what to use and when. We provide prescription wormers that are the only ones that provide comprehensive protection including against lungworm.


We recommend you take out insurance for your new pet. There are many different providers and policies, so please make sure you read the small print before signing. We are here to advise and assist. Read more on our insurance page here


It is a legal requirement to have your dog chipped by 8 weeks. Please check if your dog has been chipped on collection and if not, we can do it for you. Having a microchip means that if you are separated from your dog, any vet or animal charity can scan your dog and find your contact details on a secure national database.


It is important your new pet has a nutritious food suitable for their age and breed. Ask what food they were on before you brought them home as this is a good place to start. If you need any advice, please ask one of our members of staff.


When your pet is young, it is the ideal time to socialise with family and friends. Between 5 and 12 weeks for a puppy and before 7 weeks for a kitten is a crucial time. During this time, handle them often and get them used to different environments and animals. Please note that they won’t be fully vaccinated so they should not come into contact with other animals of unknown disease/vaccination status


One of the most exciting parts of having a puppy is taking them for walks. They should have had both of their vaccinations and wait at least10 days before going on their first walk. Before this, they can get used to being outside and experiencing different sounds and sights in your arms.

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