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Welcome to Bold Vets

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Independent and family run

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Welcome to Bold Veterinary Clinic. We are a family run, independent clinic in St Helens

For more than 40 years the clinic has been providing care for your pets, moving with the times to allow the best standard of treatment for your furry friends.

Our commitment to you is to provide the best care for your pet with compassion, integrity and skill and discuss any questions or concerns you have as their family. We provide care for thousands of pets each year.

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Meet our friendly team members

Most of our team have been associated with the clinic for many years – some have been welcoming clients for more than 30 years.

Our nurses are all Registered Veterinary Nurses or Student Veterinary Nurses. This means they have passed numerous examinations, both practical and written, and are therefore able to provide the best quality of care for your pets.

David has been a vet at Bold for a number of years and also owns the clinic. He has a keen eye for detail and takes on every animal as if they were his own. He has a keen interest in acupuncture and can provide this at the clinic. In the time he has outside of caring for your pets and running the clinic with his wife, Catherine, you will find him spending time with his three young children, running miles and miles (often with a running pram or family pet) and following all kinds of sport.

Elaine has been a vet at Bold for more than 10 years. She is able to put clients at ease instantly and her clinical knowledge means she will look after your pet as if it is her own. She is adept at multi tasking with three small children (and all of their extra curricular activities) and a young dog too! Elaine completed a further certificate in 2023 in emergency care.

Originally from Germany, Andrea has been working in the North West for many years and is back for a second stint at Bold after working (and living!) at the practice some years ago. She has a wicked sense of humour and is adored by her clients and the staff here. She has a special interest in acupuncture.

Michelle heads up our nursing team, making sure that your pets receive the best care possible whenever they have to stay with us for procedures or hospitalisation. She never sits down and is always super positive! She holds a certificate in feline nursing.

Paula is our longest serving member of staff and a familiar face for our regular clients. Her clinical knowledge and hard working attitude ensures all our animal friends get the best care. You may see her walking miles with her dog Riley on her days off or caravanning around the UK.

A former student nurse at Bold, Charlotte now wears the green uniform of a registered veterinary nurse. She has a rescue cat called Theo who can do more tricks than most dogs.

Deputy Head Nurse Diane now works part time with us having taken time out to have her three fantastic children. She treats every patient as if it were her own and especially enjoys making sure inpatients receive five star hospital treatment.

You will find Lauren on reception with a friendly face as you enter and if she can she will be the first to come and meet your beloved pet. Lauren has 2 dogs of her own and knows first hand the pressures and care needed for having a poorly pet. When she isn’t at Bold, Lauren is a beautician - maybe one day we will convince her to beautify our pets?

Mandy has been meeting you all on reception for a long time. If you have been coming to Bold for a while, you will have met Mandy who is super efficient and keeps us all running on schedule. If she isn’t in work she may be jetting off somewhere as she loves her holidays!

Catherine is the one behind the scenes making sure the practice runs smoothly with the help of Michelle. When she isn’t at Bold, you will find her running around after her and David's three children and pets.

Marie has been a veterinary receptionist for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience greeting pets and their owners. You may see her doing her favourite thing out and about, walking with her dog Narla. Not many know that Marie also worked clinically at a vets!

Bethany is our Veterinary Care Assistant. Bethany had already studied animal management at college and completed her VCA apprenticeship with us with a distinction! Bethany looks after your pets when they are in with us for the day, as well as helping all of our day to day activities run smoothly.

Deputy Head Nurse Kat is really interested in behaviour so if your little critter is playing up, eating your house or just making your life difficult then we may well direct you to a consultation with Kat!

Caroline is a lady with many hats. She's a nurse but also covers reception. Whichever role she's doing, she's always positive, smiling and happy. She loves rabbits and is our go to for advice with all things bunny.

An old head on young shoulders, Kelly has seen it all in veterinary nursing. As a former Head Nurse she's always there with advice and support. She's also a qualified dog groomer.

Becky is the one who makes sure your pets have five star care at hotel Bold when they are in for procedures. She has a huge heart and always ensures they are treated as pampered pets!

Horse mad Gemma is always smiling. She’d take home every stray animal if she could!

Leanne has a wealth of experience looking after pets in the local area. Leanne has three certificates in specialised care of your pets, we like to fondly call her our resident geek!

Katie never stops! She is constantly on the go making sure all of your pets are looked after whilst they are in with us. She is so caring and makes sure they have tip top care.

Shannon spends part of her week here at Bold and the other half as head Vet at RSPCA. She has a wealth of experience and is continuing to study - in the process of completing an Advanced Veterinary Practitioner Certificate (Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law) and a diploma in management. She is our in house mental health first aider for the team. We know you will all love her!

Maria is former head Vet at the PDSA, so is equally adept at consulting and surgery. She is friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable in all things small animal - she has a further certificate in feline medicine so is our in house cat expert but loves all animals!

Hannah moved from Scotland to Liverpool to complete her Veterinary degree and loved it so much, she hasn't left! Hannah enjoys all aspects of her Veterinary work and has even adopted one of the stray kittens we had in already!

Sarah has been nursing for a while and has recently joined the team at Bold. She loves all aspects of nursing, especially dealing with emergencies and Schedule 3 work. She is a keen dressage competitor and loves when she spends time with her horses, cats and dogs!

Emily splits her week between being the newest face on reception and being an animal care assistant with your pets. You will all get to meet her soon either welcoming you on reception or whilst she looks after any in patients down the back of the practice. She has a horse that she adores!

Make an appointment with us today

We are open Monday to Saturday. 

You can book an appointment online or ring our reception team

If it is an emergency, please phone the clinic to speak to a member of our team. For more information see our ‘What is an emergency?’ page 

We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon

Discover the facilities at Bold Vets

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  • Reception – Our reception area is spacious and well stocked and you will be met with a friendly smile.
  • Air conditioning – Our clinic is fully air conditioned for you and your pets comfort.
  • Dispensary – We have an extensive and well stocked dispensary for all of your pet’s medicines
  • X-rays – A new state of the art digital x-ray machine was installed in 2021 so these can be done on site and the same day where necessary.
  • Consulting rooms – There are 4 consulting rooms that are spacious so we can cater for any pet, big or small!
  • Surgery – We have a large fully equipped operating theatre with adjacent prep room.
  • Anaesthesia – To ensure the safest operations possible, anaesthetic monitoring is only ever carried out by Registered Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Surgeons or senior students under close direction. As an independent practice, we are not restricted by protocols and are able to select individual anaesthetic plans for each patient.
  • Car Park – There is a large car park onsite to park your car and areas for your pet to do their business
  • Kennels – We have large safe and warm kennels area with separate rooms for cats, dogs and small animals so their stay with us is as comfortable as possible. We have walk in kennels for larger dogs, heated kennels and air conditioning so we can get the environment just right for your pets. We also have an isolation area so those with potential infections are kept separate from routine procedures. We have a big outdoor garden at the back where they go for a sniff and their toilet whilst with us.
  • In house laboratory – Bloods machines were upgraded to industry leading machines in 2021 allowing us to provide most results on the same day with the highest level of accuracy.
  • Dental facilities – From routine scales and polishes to full extractions, we are able to ensure your pets have the best smile possible!
  • Ultrasound – In house ultrasound allows us to provide rapid case progression and pregnancy diagnosis. We are supported by a specialist ultrasonographer for more challenging cases.
  • Animal Health Certificates – David and Elaine are both government approved vets so if you are planning on taking your pet away with you, they can advise you on what you need to allow your pets to travel with you and prepare all the paperwork in advance.
  • Microchipping – Microchipping is now a legal requirement for dogs (and expected to be the same for cats soon). We implant and register microchips so if your pet gets separated from you for any reason, any vet or rescue organisation can scan your pet and contact you immediately.
  • Vaccinations – For most pets, we advise baby vaccinations and then an annual booster. Please contact us for further details of what your pet requires.

Discover the facilities at Bold Vets

We are proud of the service and facilities we can offer you and your pet when you come to visit us at Bold.

We have invested heavily in state of the art equipment so that your pet has the best care possible. We have a large car park with green space to make arrival easier alongside a big waiting room. We also have comfortable kennels and dedicated operating theatre and X ray rooms.

When you come to see us at Bold, you will receive the best care from us in a professional and caring way. Please see below for more information on our facilities.

Friendly reception


X-ray room

Consulting rooms



Car Park


In house laboratory

Dental facilities


Animal Health Certificates



Your frequently asked questions - answered by us!

We know that there are many questions you may have for the veterinary clinic about your pet. Here are some of the frequent questions we get asked…

We recommend that your pet gets their annual vaccinations in line with the national guidance. This is because the vaccinations they get when they are born do not last throughout your pets life. The diseases that we vaccinate against can be life threatening should your pet catch them. Also the more animals that are vaccinated, the better for not only your pet, but the species.

Each pet is different and what one pet likes and tolerates will be different. If your pet is new to you, make any changes to their diet very slowly. This will decrease the chance of them having an upset tummy. If the team thinks your pet needs to be on a specific pet food, they will advise this when we see you. This could be due to allergies, weight control and diabetes to name a few. We would always recommend that your pet eats animal food and to keep the human food to the humans. This is because human food can adversely affect your pets weight quickly which can impact their joints and cardiovascular system, but also has sugar and salts which can affect their organs too.

There are some life threatening conditions that can result from your pet coming into contact with worms. One of these is lungworm which your pet can pick up when outside. Only prescription wormers protect from lungworm. We would recommend you use a wormer and flea treatment to protect your pet, and keep up to date with your treatments. There are different brands available and we are happy to advise you to which would be best suited to protect your pet.

Make an appointment with us today

We are open Monday to Saturday. 

You can book an appointment online or ring our reception team

If it is an emergency, please phone the clinic to speak to a member of our team. For more information see our ‘What is an emergency?’ page 

We look forward to seeing you and your pet soon

Follow our advice for healthly pets!

Dog thefts

There has been a lot of press locally and nationally recently about dog thefts, so what can you do to minimise the risk? As part of our families, we know how heart breaking it would be to be in this position and it saddens us to have to write this.

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New Clients

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website. We hope you find everything you need to entrust your pet’s care with us. If you have any questions, please call us on 01744 820505 or email us here….

We are an independent, family run practice that have been looking after the community’s pets for decades. We pride ourselves on looking after your pet as if they were our own.

You can register online here or phone the practice to register.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to Bold Vets soon.

What is an emergency?

We know your pet is a part of your family. If your pet is in an accident or needs urgent help, please contact us straight away for advice.

If your pet has any of the following, please call us straight away.

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Bringing home a new pet?

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time for all of the family. A little research and planning will make the transition with your new family member as seamless as possible.

If you ever need any advice, feel free to give us a call.

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We highly recommend following the national recommendations for vaccinating your pet.

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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance helps to provide financial cover for any unexpected emergencies. We highly recommend getting your pet insured.

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Ann-Marie Barrow

Stanley is a Border Terrier who will be 13 years old in September 2021. He has been under Bold Veterinary Clinic for the past 3 years. The team are absolutely fantastic, so caring and knowledgeable. Earlier in 2021 Stanley was very poorly and a nurse even stayed with him overnight so that he could stay on a drip to help him regain his strength. To anyone thinking of bringing their pet here, don’t hesitate - I thoroughly recommend these vets, Thank you to David, Elpida and the whole team for taking such good care of Stanley.

Michelle Hindley

We are really happy we chose Bold Vets for our new puppy. As first-time dog owners, we had quite a few questions and when it was time for puppy’s vaccinations, David gave us some great advice and was so caring and friendly with our newest family member! We came away feeling reassured and pleased we had found the right place for us. Will definitely recommend to others.

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